Planhorse A1 Plan Clamp

Plan Clamps
DescriptionPlanhorse A1 Plan Clamp
Plan Capacity100 sheets
Clamp Length650mm
Clamp Height65mm
Product CodeDescriptionPlans CapacityClamp LengthClamp Height
WSPHPCA0Planhorse A0 Plan Clamp100 sheets914mm65mm
WSPHPCA1Planhorse A1 Plan Clamp100 sheets650mm65mm
WSPHPCA2Planhorse A2 Plan Clamp100 sheets460mm65mm

Planhorse product information ( PDF )
Download Planhorse Plan Filing and Plan storage brochure

The Planhorse Plan Binder System was designed specifically for filing and storing Architectural Plans, Construction Drawings, Blueprints, Engineering Drawings, Charts, Maps, Art Graphics, Posters and other oversize sheets of paper or other materials.

The Planhorse Planholders are fully portable.

  • Brand: Planhorse
  • Product Code: WSPHPCA1
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $49.00

Tags: Plan Clamp, Plan Trolley, Plan Wall Rack, Plan Filing, Plan Storage, Plan Job bags

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