Hang-A-Plan D060 A0 Plan Trolley (20 Clamp Capacity)

Hang-A-Plan D060 A0 Plan Trolley (20 Clamp Capacity)









Arnos hang-a-plan

The Arnos Hang-a-Plan range of Plan storage and planfiling products have been successfully launched in the 1970’s and have proven to be successfiull over the years. The most succesfull product range consists of 
plan filing products in a front loading concept. Front loading plan trolleys and wall racks have been popular due to the efficiency achieved in filing and retrieving architectural building plans and other (oversized) documents.


Quick file plan binders

Arnos Hang-a-Plan is the only brand which has successfully designed, manufactured and distributed a quick release plan filing clamp , known as the QUICKFILE plan hanger. This quick release clamp design has a cam lever action which saves time in storing and releasing the plans from its clip compared to the standard plan hanger range. The Hang-a-Plan QUICKFILE hangers are availabe in an A1 and A0 size plan binder.

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Plan Trolleys
Plan Trolley Type A0 D060
Largest Clamp Size A0
Clamp Capacity 20
Colour (Powder Coat) Black
Plan Capacity 2000 A0 Plans
Product Code Description Plansize A0 Plansize B1 Plansize A1 Plansize A2/A3 Capacity Dimensions
D060 Hang-A-Plan A0 Plan Trolley 20 Clamps 1335mm x 550mm x 800mm
D061 Hang-A-Plan A1 Plan Trolley 20 Clamps 990mm x 550mm x 710mm
D062 Hang-A-Plan A2 Plan Trolley 15 Clamps 500mm x 420mm x 600mm

The Versatile General Plan Trolleys can store up to 3000 sheets over 20 plan clamps. All stored sheets are easy to locate, access, remove and transport. All plan trolleys and wallmounts use the Universal Front Load System that allows clear easy access to all binders without obstruction. This Plan trolleys can hold multiple clamp sizes ( A0 / A1 / A2 ) which can be also interchanged between all the wallmounts.

The Plan Clamps / Binders will need to be ordered seperately

  • Brand: Hang-A-Plan
  • Product Code: D060
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $240.00 ex GST

Tags: Plan Clamp, Plan Trolley, Plan Wall Rack, Plan Filing, Plan Storage, Plan Job bags

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