Leica Disto X310

Laser Measurers
Accuracy± 1mm
Rangeup to 120m
Area and Volume Calculation
IP Water and Dust RatingIP65
Touch Screen
SMART Bluetooth
Wireless Data Transfer
Built In Camera/USB Out
Compass and Calculate
Rechargeable Batteries
  • IP65 Dust and water splash compliant
  • Illiminated 4-line display
  • Bluetooth
  • Height Tracking
  • 360 degrees tilt sensor

Robust housing
The sensitive measuring elements are protected by solid rubber parts. Proven in drop tests from up to 2 m height, the Leica DISTO™ X310 is therefore particularly resistant.

Protection class IP 65
The housing and keypad are specially sealed against water and dust. Cleaning under running water is also no problem.

Tilt sensor 360°
Thanks to the combination of distance and tilt measurements, you can determine the horizontal distance absolutely precisely and simply - even past obstructions. With the help of the tilt sensor, you can also determine indirect heights.

Multi-functional end-piece
When from interior corners, slots or edges, the intelligent end-piece ensures the highest accuracy. The instrument detects the end-piece orientation automatically and eliminates a source of measuring errors. This feature is unique to Leica DISTO™ laser rangefinders.

Smart Horizontal Mode™
If obstructions prevent you from taking direct distance measure-ments, you can use the Smart Horizontal Mode™ to determine the horizontal distance simply and absolutely precisely.

Easy to read display
The results are shown on three lines. The display illumination means they can be clearly read, even in the dark.

ISO Standard 16331-1 - The standard for laser distance meters
The range and accuracy of laser distance meters depend on light conditions and reflectivity of the measuring target. For Leica Geosystems it is important that the instruments not only perform under perfect laboratory conditions, but above all under the kind of everyday working conditions encountered on construction sites. This is why, working together with external experts, the company have developed a standard by which laser distance meters can be tested and compared with each other.

 Disto D1Disto D2DistoX310Disto D410Disto D510Disto D810Disto S910
Accuracy± 2mm± 1.5mm± 1mm± 1mm± 1mm± 1mm± 1mm
Rangeup to 40mup to 100mup to 120mup to 140mup to 200mup to 200mup to 300m
Area & Volume Calculation 
IP Water & Dust RatingIP54IP54IP65IP65IP65IP54IP54
Touch Screen     
SMART Bluetooth  
Wireless Data Transfer      
Built In Camera/USB Out     
Compass & Calculate     
Rechargeable Batteries     

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